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Philippines: Philippines why the brain drain?
Created on: Mar 27, 2017
Reviewer: Filipino,
Lived/have been to Philippines, Currently in Philippines, From Philippines

Born, raised, working and contributing to the success of this thriving nation.

Philippines is such a great Country where children were brought up with values from the moment they are born. Respect for the elderly, and hospitality that is by far one of the best in the world. However, the economic challenges of the Country still plays as its great nemesis, that's despite the desire to stay, Filipinos gamble their fate outside this loving Country.

I myself, is now reviewing my options if it's OK to stay or look for opportunities in other Countries. Sometimes, opportunities outside is quite tempting that even a family man may leave the comforts of home and his wife and kids.

The question of economic stability is a matter only of perspective in the minds of the Filipinos. The desire to go outside the county is more of a personal desire to either grow professionally and or make good financially for themselves and more importantly for their families.

Despite the attempt of the Philippine Government, not all local opportunities may suffice to the growing professional population in the Philippines. The job supply and demand mostly caters to relatively few percentage of the working community. Education played a key role in selection process and is key to competitive positions. There is little or small opportunities for the undergraduates whose luck is mapped out abroad as their only choice of life success and improvement.

But one is for sure. Filipinos goes back to their roots regardless of the endless travels and overdue stays. Philippines will always be their "best home" it is where the heart is.

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