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De-stress at Monsoon Yoga Retreat with Prav & Simona Satthi at Kairali

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Event: De-stress at Monsoon Yoga Retreat with Prav & Simona Satthi at Kairali
City: Palakkad, Kerala India
When: Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 6:00 AM
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More info: Is stress proving to be that Monster who defeats you every time you try to stand against it? The answer for many of us is loud and clear, YES! Stress can sometimes be productive, but the situation gets alarming if it exceeds a limit; where it starts mentally, emotionally and physically harming you.
Every part of our body responds differently to stress, but sooner or later excess stress ought to attract a negative response. Stress can negatively affect our digestion, the cardiovascular system, our muscles, bones, nervous system, reproduction, and our immunity. Stress is at the core of number of diseases and imbalances in the body, but gets overlooked easily. And here surfaces the problem; when overlooked the monster develops into a Giant, which further gets difficult to heal. What we are trying to say is that even if you are occasionally stressed, a support system— Yoga & Ayurveda can be of immense benefit to you.
Monsoons are approaching and undoubtedly, it is best time for sanative and restorative measures. And who would want to miss the chance of enjoying these remedial therapies in the middle of the nature at Kairali—The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad, Kerala.
Unwilling to miss the opportunity and offering you the chance of experiencing the nature at its BEST, Kairali is organising a weeklong Monsoon Yoga Retreat with experts namely Prav and Simona Satthi from Denmark. This is an impeccable retreat for those who want to overcome stress and are willing to give themselves a second chance to live life to the fullest.
Irrespective of what modern science claims, the best way to restore, regain and retain the balance is ayurveda, yoga and meditation as they treat you internally keeping in mind your external factors too. So, let us all beat the stress at Kairali, the epitome of serenity and tranquillity, this September with our experts who will help you bury those unexplained reasons of stress and resurrect like phoenix using concurrently the primitive science of Yoga and Ayuveda, while you enjoy the warmth and love of Mother Nature at the destination.
With amazing mentors like Prav Satthi who brings along a global experience of 16 years and is a certified, European Yoga Federation accredited rejuvenation technician incorporating, Ayurveda, Pharonic healing methods and Nordic healing methods, while Simona specializes in body ailments, stress management, healthy cooking, the retreat will prove to be a healing experience in its holistic sense. During your stay at Kairali, our experts will not only address your issues, but will aid you overcome those undue pressures that might be eating you like a crab from inside. They will help you stop fighting constantly with your desires, wishes, ambitions, insecurities and be at peace with yourself. The retreat will allow you to learn, enjoy and inculcate Hatha Yoga, mind training through meditation and pranayama daily into your lives making it easier for you to fight the world outside and still be calm and relaxed.
A paragon of placidity and equanimity the Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village provides people a stay of repose where you can revive without any worries and woes and hectic life simultaneously enjoying our advanced and unconventional technology like cyber centre for e-mail, internet, an amphitheatre for traditional programmes etc. to give you a better stay. Inspiring you to live in accordance with the nature, you will be given a chance to enjoy Ayurvedic therapies, organic and nutritious food. This retreat raises an urge and provides an opportunity of self evolution and consciousness. Personal attention will be the prime focus.
You will be given a diet chart as per your body constitution— Vata, Pitta and Kapha and your health by our resident doctors. 70 per cent of our food is prepared from our own herbal garden at the healing village and the rest has been resourced locally to ensure organic and healthy food. You will also get to enjoy gardening, village walk to add on to your experience.
The Ayurvedic Healing Village boasts of 30 exclusive villas, each conforming to Vastu Shastra. The fragrance of Pala trees engulfs the resort endowing it with therapeutic and restorative powers. With veteran masseurs and expert doctors it gives you elite Ayuredic cures and healing massages like Abhyangam, Pizhichil and many more.

Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village
P.O. - Olassery, Kodumbu,
Palakkad Dist. - 678551, Kerala (INDIA) more / RSVP...


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