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As few of your questions arose, we thought it would be a good idea to answer them in this page:

  • Q: I'm not an expatriate, I should not register. A: This is a logical reasoning, expatriates are people sent by their company abroad for a short term assignment. We are aware of this definition; however, what we meant is "foreigners who live in a specific country that is not theirs." Therefore, not only foreigners should register for linkexpats, but also foreigners, international students, exchange visitors and travelers! And people who are interested in meeting other foreigners, and people who are going to be foreigners in the future.
  • Q: Do I need to be a foreigner to join this website? A: No! You may be an Italian who is moving next month to Singapore for example. Therefore, you should join this website, to get to know people in Singapore.
  • Q: Do I need to pay for your products and services? A: No!
  • Q: How about privacy? Will people see my email once I register? A: No! And NEVER. And this is the whole concept of the website: to have a great mixture between getting what you need with the maximum of privacy. Evidently, this is also to prevent SPAM!
  • Q: Why didn't you make forums/events/ads for non-members? A: We kinda did, but just for viewing purposes. You will need to be logged in to crete new posts. When you post an event, ad, or topic, you may be able to stay anonymous, if not, others will be able to view your profile and contact you if need be. (again, your email address will not be visible)
  • Q: How about notifications? A: To prevent SPAM, when people create and event, topic, or ad, you will not actually receive an email telling that a new topic has been posted. We are, however, working on ways to make the best use of this website without jeopardizing your privacy. Of course, you will be able to opt out of any notifications you may receive. You can now 'watch' a specific topic you are interested in by clicking on the watch button.
  • Q: How do I cancel my account? A: you need to contact us and we will delete your account within 48 hours.
  • Q: What about SPAM? How do you prevent it? A: As stated before, you will not receive notifications unless you agree to them. The only way you might get spammed is if someone sends you multiple messages. And this is not possible either, we have put limitations for the number of messages a member can send. If a member sends more than a specific amount of messages during a specific period time, he/she will receive a warning, and his account may get terminated. If, in any case, you receive a spam email, please flag it! this will automatically ban the spammer's account immediately. We are very aggressive in combating unwanted messages!
  • Q: Can I post pictures at my profile? A: Yes! for the moment, only the profile pictures. We are working on ways so you can import other pictures from other social networking websites.
  • Q: What if I am moving to another country in a month? How should I do? A: You should register, and put your city and country where you reside now. Then, when you move, you should update your profile to reflect your current location. You should also visit the forums for the country where you will reside to see if there are topics that may help you.
  • Q: How about the forums? A: Suppose you are Chinese, and live in the UK. Once you click on the forums section, you will have the choice of clicking on 3 pages: Chinese in the UK, Chinese in the world, Expatriates in the UK. You will also have the choice to click on any nationality in any country.
  • Q: What happens if I put a fake name? A: It's ok! but Please be mindful of other honest members who are here to connect with other expatriates. We don't want to start approving different members just like other websites are doing. Remember this website is for meeting new people! Scammers and Spammers have no place in this website.